Investment assets

We know that this is probably the most difficult area of our activity. The most difficult because it has many risks. The experience we have gained is a result of numerous failures. 

But who will take care of this field if not us. We have been working with investment assets for over 20 years. We know all types of assets well. We know most of the serious investment market stakeholders. We know about the experience of our investor clients. The companies that are the subject of our work are also an investment asset! 

Our clients in the area of business transactions when the sale process of company is over face the question of where to deposit their money. We are looking for good solutions for them. We offer trusted partners. We are another sieve screening assets. Assessing their foundations, perspectives, profitability. 

Our clients are investors who build their assets and rentiers. Entrepreneurs or former entrepreneurs. Their purpose is to secure and invest capital responsibly. Our 20 years of experience gained from investment markets and the support from the best analysts from the financial market has resulted in the search for hard assets:

  • gold
  • diamonds
  • plots
  • real estate secured bonds

These are assets in which we invest. As you can see, all the mentioned assets have one thing in common – security. They are all material or secured with matter (real estate, diamonds)  

We also only select partners who distribute assets basing their projects on competence, responsibility with their own assets and transparency. Our partners are the country’s best specialists in the selected asset class.

We complement the investment recommendations of our partners with tax advisory of an international specialist. We also offer a fiduciary service which is necessary in many difficult moments.

Our guidelines for selecting investment assets are:

  • security (3/4 proposals are fixed assets)
  • Worthy regular coupon 
  • permanent coupon (quarterly or annual coupon)
  • minimum 50% liquidity of assets

We regularly meet with our clients at symposiums. We invite guests, top-class specialists who help us broaden their knowledge about investment assets. 

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