Transaction consulting

You are an entrepreneur. You completed two actions that are faced by everyone who enters this path: 

  • setting up a company 
  • Building its value 

The third and sometimes the most important is ahead of you: 

  • The finale or succession, sale or fall  

And this is what we can help you do.
Over the past 11 years, we have held approximately 200 conferences dedicated to company and family succession. We have had hundreds of conversations and implemented a huge number of projects regarding the future of our clients’ companies. From simple types: drawing up a will or transforming a company to the key ones: 

  • transformation of companies 
  • consolidations 
  • creation of a capital group
  • buying and selling company 

The natural stage of our development was participation in the growing number of sales of companies. Strategic consulting, building investor relations, obtaining financing, mergers and acquisitions are a core of our business. However, the key activity is sales management of companies. This is a comprehensive action aimed at crowning our clients’ long-term business.

They include:

  • Sales preparation
  • Market research
  • Valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Negotiations
  • Post-transaction integration

We’re a small team. But in southern Poland we are not afraid of any competition. We will search for an investor for your company, we will find for you a company worth investing, giving numerous synergies. 
We have legal, tax, analytical, negotiation and management competences that allow us to crown the most important stage of running a business – its sale … or scaling. 

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